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PyRolL is an OpenSource rolling framework, aimed to provide a fast and extensible base for rolling simulation. The current focus lies on groove rolling in elongation grooves. The core packages comes with a basic set of models to allow a first estimation of forces and torques occurring in a pass sequence. There is a flexible plugin system, able to modify and extend the model set available to describe the process.


The PyRolL Core package is installable via PyPI

pip install pyroll-core

A collection of extension and plugin packages can be installed the same way, the packages’ names usually start with pyroll-. Use the PyPI search or look at the extensions list and plugins list.

A basic ready-to-use configuration can be installed with

pip install pyroll-basic

Read here for further information on the basic configuration.


What is this flappy bird?

The German name of the Golden Oriole is Pirol, which resembles the name PyRolL.